Friday, September 04, 2015

Examiner Dips Hand Into Female Student's Private Area, Guess What He Found

About six female students of the Delta State University, Abraka, were on Friday, August 28, 2015 caught with different incriminating materials, otherwise known as expo, during an examination.

Among them was a final year student of the Department of Library and Information Science who was caught two times within a space of 45 minutes.

The examiner identified as, Sylvester Okiemute, caught the student after he observed her suspicious moves for a while, but pardoned her after she pleaded.

According to sources, the student whose identity was not disclosed, was caught while sitting for an exam on 'Entrepreneurship and Information Services'.

Following the observation, Mr Okiemute, convinced that the student was copying from a paper she smuggled in, asked her to hand over the paper.

She vehemently denied having any smuggled paper and an argument subsequently ensued right in the hall between her and the examiner.

The other students were stunned when the examiner dipped his hand into her panties only to find the incriminating materials, and of course he dug them out.

It is unclear if the incident was reported to the university authorities or just ended at the examination venue.
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UN Launches New Round Of Libya Peace Talks

The UN says a new round of talks aimed at ending more than a year of violence and political chaos in Libya has opened in Geneva.

Bernardino Leon, the UN special representative for Libya, was mediating the latest round of talks that opened in the Swiss city on Thursday.

The UN has been brokering talks aimed at establishing a unified government, and the September 3-4 talks are the latest round in long-running peace negotiations.

“The Libyan political dialogue round commenced at the United Nations Office at Geneva,” the UN said in a statement on Thursday.

“All parties invited to the meetings have confirmed their attendance.”

It said Leon “is holding a number of meetings with the parties on Thursday and Friday”.

Libya has two rival parliaments and governments and has been torn apart since the international community helped to toppled long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The one in Tripoli, the General National Congress (GNC), is controlled by Libya Dawn forces, while the internationally recognised government operates out of Tobruk, in the far east of the country.

Elusive agreement

Parties are to present their candidates for the prime minister and two deputies to lead a national unity government and get the country out of its crisis.

The agreement, so far rejected by the GNC, aims to form the national unity government for a two-year transition period to end with parliamentary elections.

The Tobruk-based parliament on Tuesday adopted a list of candidates for the new administration, a press agency loyal to it said on Wednesday.

The 12 candidates include one woman and former foreign minister Abdulrahman Shalgham, it said.

The newly appointed envoys from the GNC government have said they are optimistic about a possible deal, on condition that a draft accord is modified first.

The four-man delegation from the GNC arrived in Geneva on Thursday for the UN-brokered discussions.

The expression of optimism by a new team of envoys marked a rare positive note in a divisive process.

Abdurrahman al-Sewehli, a GNC envoy, said “we are optimistic, that is why we are here,” but said the delegation has not yet presented a list of proposed names for those posts.

He said the party’s priority is to “work out the commitment to the draft agreement”, and said he hoped for a deal “if we can resolve the issue of the amendments” – though he declined to identify the exact changes sought.

Talks in Istanbul

The GNC, which had previously rejected the draft accord, held talks on Wednesday with Leon in Istanbul, Turkey.

It had hesitated at attending an earlier round of multiparty talks in Morocco last month where the draft accord was struck because resignations required a new negotiating team.

Leon is to meet representatives of the Tobruk-based parliament, one of the representatives, Taher Mohamed El-Sonni, told AFP news agency.

A meeting with members of the GNC was also expected.

The UN had hoped that the talks would lead to an agreement being signed by September 20, with its implementation to start around October 20.

Leon wants a deal before the mandate of the House of Representatives in Tobruk expires on October 20.

Since the fall of Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has faced tribal warfare and general lawlessness that has led tens of thousands of migrants from across Africa to use the country as a springboard across the Mediterranean to Europe.

By Al Jazeera
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DRC's 'Terminator' Tells ICC He Protected Civilians

A rebel leader known as “The Terminator” has told judges trying him at the International Criminal Court in The Hague that he was a professional soldier who never attacked civilians and tried to restore peace during a brutal conflict in eastern Congo.

Speaking on Thursday during the second day of his trial on 18 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity, Bosco Ntaganda said, “I have never attacked civilians”. He added during a nine-minute speech to the court, “I have always protected them”.

“I have been described as The Terminator, as an infamous killer, but that is not me,” Ntaganda said.

His comments were a stark contrast to how prosecutors portray Ntaganda – as the leader of a rebel militia that murdered, raped and persecuted innocent villagers in the Ituri region of Congo during a brutal conflict there from 2002-2003.

Sarah Pellet, a lawyer representing 297 former child soldiers, told the three-judge panel that recruiters from Ntaganda’s militia took children from school yards or forcibly snatched them from their families and fed many of them drugs and alcohol to dull their fear in battle.

Young girls were repeatedly gang raped and made into “wives” for senior commanders.

Pellet said the girls were victims twice over.

“They are victims of rape and sexual violence and some of them gave birth to other victims: Children who will never know their fathers and who are a constant reminder of the reprehensible acts inflicted on their mothers,” she said.

On the first day of the trial, prosecutors showed judges images of bodies littering a banana plantation as they accused the former rebel leader of running a campaign of terror in the northeastern Ituri region.

Bodies were dumped in the fields after being indiscriminately slaughtered, allegedly by Ntaganda’s rebel Union of Congolese Patriot (UPC) troops.

Ntaganda has been charged with ordering hundreds of deaths in savage ethnic attacks, as well as with the recruitment and rape of child soldiers within his own rebel army.

“Bosco Ntaganda was one of the highest commanders… he gave the orders to attack and kill,” ICC chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told the three-judge bench.

Ntaganda also denied allegations by prosecutors that he has attempted to influence witnesses.

Prosecutors are scheduled to call their first witness on September 15.

By Al Jazeera
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Emeka Ike: Pastor Chris Okotie Wants To Destroy My Marriage

Veteran Nollywood actor and aspiring AGN president, Emeka Ike, has stated that Pastor Chris Okotie wants to destroy his marriage.

The actor who is still trying to settle his marriage problems in court with his wife said Okotie has been frustrating his effort.

He said: "I want people to look into this issue critically. I’ve never beaten this woman in my life. When she ran out of home, I called my pastor and they took us for counselling. For one week, I was begging her every day; I would go home alone and she would go home alone as well.

"At a point, pastor asked us to write five things we like and dislike about each other. The pastor said that maybe we could work it out. I wrote mine, she wrote hers and she never said there that I used to beat her. I still have that document with me. She gave me what she wrote and I gave her what I wrote. If I used to beat her, she could not have left it out from that then. Any man that beats a woman is a coward. I know that someone somewhere must have done something to her. How can I beat a woman I adore so much? I love my family and this is very unfortunate. Her children have been begging her to come home, and she has refused.

"I am pretty sure my wife is acting confused; she is acting as if she is under a spell, which is psychological and then she is acting under blackmail.

"There was a time I accused her of bringing men to my house. I mean, which woman will wake her husband up in the middle of the night and said to him, share your property I want to get my share now from what you have? Tell me, which woman will do that if not acting under a spell?

"There was a time I traveled and she closed down my school and sent all the students away. So, there is a lot to it, other than the allegation of battery against me and I want the whole world to know. My name is precious to me and I don’t want anything to drag it in the mud.

"Pastor Chris Okotie just absolved my wife into his church without making any effort to get in touch with me. If as a pastor, your church member is having issue with her husband, and you failed to do anything to resolve it, what kind of pastor are you? When I called him, he refused to pick my call. He also failed to react to a text message I sent to him. Is that a man of God? Even, if you have a police case, they will make effort to hear from you before taking a position, not to talk of the church.

"When we went to court, I told my wife that I’m interested in amicable settlement of the matter, and that I still want her back. But she refused. Even, if you don’t want me, what of your children, I asked her and she still would not listen to me. I want the whole world to know because there is a lot of misinformation out there. The lawyer which Okotie hired for my wife is also frustrating every attempt I make to resolve the matter peacefully."
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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Toyin Aimakhu Moves Back Into Matrimonial Home After Marriage Crisis

According to reports, Toyin Aimakhu and her hubby, Adeniyi Johnson have made peace for the second time after their latest marital scandal.

A source revealed that the actress has moved back into her matrimonial home in the Obadore Area of Ajah, Lagos.

It had been reported earlier that the actress stormed out of her matrimonial home in anger when she caught him flirting with a member of her staff.

"Please you people should give them a break. Couples have problems and they settle and theirs is no exception. They are already trying to make peace," revealed an source.

When probed further, Adeniyi Johnson publicly confessed his shame via his Instagram handle and admitted he was caught flirting.

Nollywood stars, Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson have been in the media for the past two weeks regarding their marriage crisis.
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Why Dangote Visited Mugabe

Africa's richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote visited President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe on September 1.

Dangote has met Mugabe for quicker approval for his investment in power, mining and cement industries in the southern African country.

Dangote said: "We have already decided on multimillion investments in Zimbabwe in three sectors which are power, cement and coal mining. As soon as we get permits, we will hit the ground running."

The famous businessman is sure that Zimbabwe will accelerate the licence and registration processes for the group to start operations.

According to the plan, Dangote's corporation start setting up the 1.5 million tonne per annum plant by the end of the first half of 2016.

It should be noted that Dangote will invest his money through Black Rhino Group, a $5 billion African infrastructure fund in which US private-equity group Blackstone Group LP is a co-investor.

Dangote said: "The cement manufacturing unit has expanded capacity five-fold in the last four years while it plans to double potential output to 80 million tonnes by year end, with the Zimbabwean approvals in sight.We want to set up an integrated cement plant here that will be bigger than all the plants that we have. We look at setting up something that can translate into a million-and-a-half tonnes so that even when we continue to use cement, there won't be a shortage of cement here. We will make cement available".

The millionaire commissioned a $420 million cement-manufacturing plant and a 30-megawatt coal-fired plant in Zambia early this month.

The corporation has also invested $250 million - 1.5 million metric tonnes per annum cement grinding plant in Douala, Cameroon, barely three weeks after the Zambia plant was commissioned.
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Ladies, See Signs That A Man Is Using You For His Own Pleasure! Walk Out If You Are Experiencing The Following Things!

Babes, have you ever felt like there is something wrong with your relationship? Like there is something missing? Or have you ever felt like the man is just using you? Have you ever had this gut feeling that he is not really into you? To answer your fears, here are the 7 signs that show he is just using you:-

1. He has cheated on you

When a man cheats and you found out and all that he can say is that he is sorry, then just know he doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t respect you enough not to cheat on you. He is not into you and bottom line he is using you.

Even if he begs for another chance and you give him, he would still behave in such manner. So please when a man cheats on you it means he doesn’t want you and he doesn’t deserve you. He may give excuses that he had a lapse of judgement and you should forgive him. Please don’t.

2. He doesn’t want to be seen with you in public

There are many ladies out there who have this kind of a problem. Why would a man not want to be seen with you and you are dating? Why? It doesn’t make any logic. If he is dating you, he should be happy and more eager to be seen with you in public.

If you see this kind of a sign then he has kept you as an option and doesn’t want you to destroy his chances of getting other women he likes.

Even if one day you end up going out let’s say to a club or something, he would most likely go and talk to other ladies like you aren’t there watching. If you see this just run for your life and I know you are going to find that person who would not be ashamed being seen with you.

3. His friends keep on telling you to leave him

If by any chance you are close with his friends and they keep on advising you to leave him. Then there is a red light there. If they tell you that the man is not in-love with you then please listen to them. Do not think that they want to destroy your relationship, they are just concerned. You may not know what this guy is saying whenever you are not around.

4. He constantly speaks of his ex-girlfriend

Men are complicated to know sometime, some do not open up, some do and some pretend like nothing happen. If you find a man who speaks a lot about his girlfriend, how she used to smell, how her hair was smooth, how she bought him presents then please just know you are on a wrong bus You are just a rebound and he would never take you serious. There are these extreme cases where he compares you to her and most definitely praise her.

5. He calls you when he needs you

If he calls you whenever he needs you, most definitely se’x. He most definitely is using you. This is the easiest sign to notice so please be on the lookout. If you have never sat down and have a real conversation with him, all you do is just se’x then he is using my sister. Or maybe he calls you to borrow some cash when he is low on cash

6. He doesn’t help you at all

I thought relationship was all about helping each other out and making life easier for the other person? If the man always gives an excuse whenever you ask him to help you with something and he doesn’t keep him promises then he is not into you. Even if it is a small favour you asked him to do but he always turns you down.

7. He has never bought you any present

The most romantic thing a man can do to a woman is surprise her with a present. Make her feel worth feel like a queen and real lady. This sign says he is not ready to invest in you and basically shows you that he is not sure of you. So the whole thing you are calling a relationship is just not I am not saying that a man is not allowed to check other women out but when he does it in front of his girlfriend then that’s a problem. If he checks them out and points to you to check it out also, then you have big problem on your hands lady. You can choose to leave him or stay to see him cheat on you. Your choice.
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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

South African Students Protest Over Use Of Afrikaans

Hundreds of students at Stellenbosch University in South Africa have protested against the Afrikaans language being favoured at their school, alleging that it promotes racism.

Afrikaans is viewed by many South Africans as the language of the oppressors during apartheid and was formerly used as the language of instruction at Stellenbosch University, a school which used to be for “whites-only”.

Now, Afrikaans and English are supposed to be on equal footing at the university, but protesting students say lecturers favour Afrikaans.

“It isn’t simply about language as a teaching tool,” student activist Mo Shabangu told Al Jazeera. “It’s about language and how it connects to the institutional culture that continues in this apartheid spirit unabated.”

The university’s management has been summoned to appear before parliament to explain.

Al Jazeera’s Tania Page reports from Stellenbosch, near Cape Town.

Click here to watch the video.
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Ibadan Church Stirs Controversy With Crusade Poster | Photo

A religious programme in Ibadan tagged 'God of the Bad Boys II' has been trending on the social media with the organiser dressed like a gangster.

This church banner has been frowned at by social media users with mixed reactions. Reports have it that the church programme is scheduled to take place in Ibadan and the organizer named JazzyB, a man of God is the one boldly on the banner.

What do you think of this?
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