Thursday, January 17, 2013

Still Single At 43, Am I Under A Spell?

I feel ashamed and embarrassed sending you this article.
I know some people would want to nail me after reading just the headline but I feel this is getting out of hand. I clocked 42 last July and to be candid I’m not into any serious relationship.

I’m from South-South Nigeria, the first daughter out of 7 children. I hope you won't feel offended as I would not further disclose my identity for obvious reason.

Just last year, our last born who works with a popular telecommunication company got married to her longtime boyfriend, leaving only me hugging ‘tubes and tyres.’

I’ve gone for prayers in several churches; they promised me that my husband would appear in no distant time.

In fact, the last prayer house I went in a popular church, the man of God told me that ‘if he be a man of God, before the year runs out, my dream man would appear.’

Another one told me I was the architect of my predicament, saying that I’ve missed the opportunity.

When I was in my mid 20s, I had many ‘toasters’ but they were never my dream men.

I used to think my kind of guy was the tall, dark and handsome one. Preferably banker, but now they are not forthcoming.

I was in a relationship with an ex footballer but I dumped him when I could no longer cope with his kind of person.

Now, I’m even ashamed of living in the same house with my parents at my age...

Please advise...

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  1. Ladies age goes wt d time, take a candid decision. There is no perfect marriage. I was in ur shoes whe a divoece came my way 2yrs ago, I consulted bo one n I went into d marriage by shutting out all friends n foes though am happy n am enjoy my husnd. A word is enough for d wise

  2. What U need now is to be a mother, stop fooling Urself with husband tinz. Get Ur ideal man to impregnate U, not necessarily to father the kids, so U can have some kids and raise them as a single parent. That is my advice.

  3. Take one month fasting, 6am to 2pm with one prayer point, o God reveal the secret of my problem to me and let my God sent husband locate me. Don't. forget ,any one that hang's out with married man hardly get husband.

  4. embrace islam an see what will happen to u

  5. There is no such thing as *dream man* I waited for my dream man all my life and he never came...last year I was blessed enough to be admired by a man who had no qualifications of *dream man* and we have been dating for awhile now and he is the best thing that has ever happened to free your heart and give men a chance to get to know you and you 44


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