Tuesday, May 21, 2013

TB Joshua, Pastor Chris Accused Of 'Occultism'

Ghanaian Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah, Founder and Leader of the Glorious Word Power Ministries International, has labeled two of Nigeria's celebrated pastors as partners in winning souls for the devil.

In the words of the controversial Owusu Bempah, the founding President of Believers' LoveWorld Incorporated, also known as "Christ Embassy", Dr Christian Oyakhilome (popularly known as "Pastor Chris") and General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), Prophet Temitope Balogun (aka TB) Joshua, are not "true men of God", but leaders of occults, winning souls for the devil.

This claim, according to Owusu-Bempah, is based on God's revelation to himin a vision as well as his own analysis of the scripture, works and conduct of the two popular heads of two religious organisations in Africa.

Owusu-Bempah said he once heard Pastor Chris saying he saw nothing wrong with homosexuality and lesbianism, and wondered which true man of God would lead his flock with such beliefs.

"No doubt he [Pastor Chris] is a friend and partner of TB Joshua", Owusu-Bempa noted last week, claiming both men are dubious men of God who have a pact with the devil.

For Owusu Bempah, Nigerians have allegedly realized the dubious character of the Nigerian televangelist faith healer and founding president of Christ Embassy and his partnership with TB Joshua and have consequently chased him out of the country to South Africa, where he presently resides.

On TB Joshua, Owusu-Bempa claimed he once saw him with his feet on the floor preaching, an incident he said revealed to him that TB Joshua was not from God.

"When you see anyone claiming to worship God who worships with his feet on the ground, he's an occultist. And TB Joshua is an occultist.

"Ask yourself how TB Joshua, who claims God called him, worships with his feet on the ground? Let me tell you if you go to any church and you see the leader worshiping with his feet on the ground, it's a sign of demonism; it's occultic. People like that follow spirits that are not of God. It is occultic."

According to him, God later revealed that TB Joshua was an occultist who did not draw his spiritual powers from God.

"Some time ago, I used to like TB Joshua. I was watching him on television, and the Lord opened my eyes. I saw him with horns on his head, and he had the face of a wolf. His tongue was that of a snake and he had blood smeared all over his mouth."

"Immediately, I rushed into my bedroom, and the Lord told me that he wasn't from Him, but was working under the authority of bad spirits," the pastor added. "That was when I realized TB Joshua was demonic and not of God."

The man who has himself been labeled a false prophet by some of his critics, advised Ghanaians not to be misled by signs of wonders and so-called men of God whose powers do not come from God.

He also accused TB Joshua in particular of sometimes faking miracles to win the confidence of his flock. "He can perform a clean miracle today and contaminate it with a lot of fake ones".

Joshua claimed his "own junior pastor went to his church to be healed. He was forced to sit in a wheel chair and made to claim before the cameras that he had received his healing even though he hadn't. He returned to the country and within two weeks, he passed away", Owusu-Bempah stated.

He again cautioned Ghanaians not to be in a hurry to attend the services of Prophet TB Joshua since he is the "anti-christ."

"If you are a pastor who worked under him and he gets to know you want to reveal his secrets, he kills you directly," Owusu-Bempah alleged.

"If no one is willing to say this, I will say it: TB Joshua is the anti-christ and an agent of the devil... I know of a pastor who attended his church, and when he should tell you about what he saw, your mouth would drop," he stated.

Source: Ghana Web


  1. That so call man of God is never a serious person. He always try to do things to draw attention for himself. So please bring a different news and forget about people who have nothing to tell their flock. Thank you.

  2. You called your self a Christian,and the Bible made it clare that we should not judge one another. Why can't you live Our heavenly father fight for him self and YOU stop fighting for God.

  3. This Pastor himself is a devil trying to destroy other men of God. Well, I guess he is jealous but God said we should not condemn any Pastor..He knows who is of His. Pastor what ever you call your name..go and ask God forgiveness cos you are using God's name to lie. May God forgives you.

  4. Let tell u Owusu-Bempah the church i attended we dont wear shoes , when are white garment , Celestial Church of God , I know u will say something about it , Why dont you let God to George,The Bible let me know that no one is perfect except my Father in Heaven.... who are u to condemned,The Eyes of the lord is watching us...

  5. This Man of God pointing accusing finger is so minute that i can not even see his finger that is pointing. If he can not comprehend TB Joshua miracles and his prophecies because they are things of the spirit He should leave the judgement to God. All men of God are not equally gifted, each has his own calling. somewhere in the Bible some disciples reported to have seen some people using the name of Jesus to perform miracles, they were simply told "If they are not against us they are with us".

    Some years back, i have seen several Nigerian pastors condemning TB J and Chris, the Bible says that by their fruits we shall know them, today, where are the accusers? most of them have fallen by the road side or turn to politics or transport or School business while these two are still in the race. I have never seen TB Joshua for once defending himself or joining issue with these loud mouths attention grabber men of God.

  6. Mxm......heeeeeeeee u are a fool 2 say dat about my favourate pastors u sooo called pastor.....there is a verse in a bible where God asks a man 2 take off his shoes 4 the place his entering is pure.....so and burn in hell mxm

  7. Oga its not U̶̲̥̅̊я̲̅ fault, if they can molest Jesus Christ who ï̤̣̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ T.B Joshua? Well I dnt believe ϑα† garbage U̶̲̥̅̊ JƱڪτ̲̅ uttered bcos †̥̥н̣̣̣̇̇̇ ̝є̲̣̣̣̥ bible made me 2 know ϑα† wen Jesus cast out †̥̥н̣̣̣̇̇̇ ̝є̲̣̣̣̥ demon íη a man He was highly respected but wen one was was not called of God tried it, †̥̥н̣̣̣̇̇̇ ̝є̲̣̣̣̥ devil asked him Paul I know Jesus I know who r thou? Meaning if Sr. Prophet T.B Joshua is not a real man of God, †̥̥н̣̣̣̇̇̇ ̝є̲̣̣̣̥ devil would H̲̣̣̣̥ɑ̤̥̈̊vє̲̣̥ gone after him. But yet he has been exposing †̥̥н̣̣̣̇̇̇ ̝є̲̣̣̣̥ devil n is devilish works. Let me tell U̶̲̥̅̊, U̶̲̥̅̊ can't deceive any of us 2 stop worshiping God íη SCOAN n living by examples as Jesus Christ asked us 2 do. I AM A LIVING TESTIMONY 2 †̥̥н̣̣̣̇̇̇ ̝є̲̣̣̣̥ GLORY OF GOD íη SCOAN. So go a ask God 2 4give us 4 dearing His anointing else, God's wrath will befall U̶̲̥̅̊ .

  8. This pastor Ghanaian Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah is nothing but a BIG LAIR. No one should JUDGE the other coz the Almighty God will surely JUDGE YOU. So you so called the wanna be Pastor Ghanaian Bishop Isaac Owusu Bempah 1tin o1tin just NEVER EVA SPEAK ABOUT Ma Pastor Chris OYAKHILOME this pastor right there is my own pastor and as well as Pastor TB Joshua. God will bless them to the BRIM and you wanna be pastors you can go hang yaselves.


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