Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Am Naturally Gifted - Peace Hyde

Someone is talking about her endowment, she is new to the Ghanaian entertainment industry and her name is Peace Hyde, she grew up in the United Kingdom and she’s determined to make it big in the industry... She is not mimicking words in defining herself and we are wondering what will happen when she becomes a regular face on the Ghana movie scene as an actress.

“I know I am well-endowéd but I don’t know why anyone should think I have done bóóbs and bums job. I have had people walk up to me to ask why I have such big bréasts and buttócks and whether I have done bóóbs and bums job. All I tell them is my body is natural and not artificial,”

Peace said this is the reason why she is not thinking of doing plastic surgery to enhance her bréasts and buttócks.

She added that: I Don’t Know Why Anyone Should Think I Have Done Bóóbs And Bums Job

Peace lays claim that she is looking great because she has really worked on her body by hitting the gym and doing regular exercises. “I used to be very big some years ago; I had big buttócks and bréast but with regular exercise I have reduced in size and I like the way I look now” Peace said.“I have always dreamt of coming home where I belong and I am glad I have finally relocated. I am happy to be back home”, Peace said with a beaming smile.

Well, we hope she finds her foot in the industry soon.

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  1. Those boobs and backside are out of this world


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