Monday, December 30, 2013

The Obamas' Family Life Is Falling Apart

According to a bombshell new report, the First Lady and Barack Obama are sleeping in separate White House bedrooms. She’s preparing to move his clothes and personal things out of their million-dollar house in Chicago, the Voice of Russia reports.

"The smart money says the marriage is doomed," a source close to the President said.

"Barack and Michelle have had a rocky go for years and mainly stayed together for their daughters and his political career. But now Michelle is mad as hell. She feels violated in front of the whole world. She’s met with divorce lawyers and told Barack that she wants a life apart from him. Michelle will stay in the White House for the rest of Barack’s term for appearances’ sake, but she made it clear they’ll be leading separate lives."

Michelle was left furious after her husband was photographed brazenly flirting with Denmark’s female prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, while Michelle was sitting right beside him during the service for former South African president Nelson Mandela.
Obama, 52, laughed and whispered with the 46-year-old Danish beauty throughout the solemn ceremony, at one point cavalierly caressing her shoulder.

"Barack already had enough headaches with his public approval rating plummeting after the disastrous rollout of his 'Obamacare' health plan. Now he’s walked smack into the worst marital crisis of his life," said the White House insider.

His female voters have bombarded the White House with letters, phone calls and emails expressing sympathy for the first lady and anger at the President.

Michelle reserved her fury until they were back in their private quarters in the White House. Then she went ballistic behind closed doors and a number of witnesses heard her screaming "I’ve had enough."

Barack has humiliated Michelle before, but this incident was played out on the world stage. Practically everybody on the planet saw what he did and realized that the President has absolutely no respect for his wife.

Now that the President has embarrassed his First Lady in the eyes of the whole world, he’s going to pay a big, big price. Michelle has said she wants a huge chunk of his net worth. If the couple divorces, Obama will be left with nothing.


  1. Stupid....!!

  2. I noticed it during Mandelas burial ceremony! D way 0bama was busy charting wit dat woman'hmmmm I knew something is gonna go on between 0bAma and mitchell! 0bama y all this nonsense? As d guy de even de laugh sef,don show say e like woman die! Lol

  3. I knew very well that day"0bama was busy snapping picture wit dis lady behind closed doors! Mitchell was so angry even with d look on her face but 0bama don't even wanna know if mitchell was existing at dat particuler juncture! C dway 0Bama. De smile e sexy. And romantic smile wit dis lady! Aahhhhh 0bama me don know say wahala go shele 4hous btw u and mummy Mitchell! 0bama Y?

  4. every man has his own disre and hormorny so dnt blame Obama.

  5. No matter what,a man should Respect his wife in public.Mitchelle is tryind,she has tried not to create any seen.But it sure hurts, so pls don't blame her.

  6. Obama was so taken up by that lady infont of the whole world. He is so disrespectful. There is life after love and being a first lady, Michelle will live happily after that insensitive husband of hers. Her children will have her back I'm sure!

  7. Bt at time "us" women sulk for nothing ...these people were at a certain place whr thy met al sorts kinda people ..myb thy were jus toking as people..nothing more c.rus to such kinda "flirting"..the media is also to take th blame on this stuoid matter..thy made it vry clear frm tht vry same moment whn thy published th pics..all sorts of funny n stupid pics were publish n including their stupid humidity...jus to make thingz tense btwn th couple..I bet u all nw vry happy tht u'v got wat u wanted...

  8. These are just enoncent picture and the media trying to make Obama look bad. Mxm obama is way better than zuma, what a disgrace


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